AuctionAlert is a World of Warcraft auction house (AH) notification tool.

Users can search auction house data published by Blizzard once per hour for items available on the AH or available for a price specified.

Searches can be saved so that the AuctionAlert server can send a push notification to the users device when the item becomes available or for the price specified.

Blizzard currently publish data for the Horde and Alliance auction houses.


To search the latest auction house data for a specific item:

1. Choose your realm from the realm selection view by pressing the currently chosen realms name.

3. Enter the full, exact name of the item in the item text field - This doesn't have to have correct capitalisation, but must include all characters - including apostrophes.

4. Enter a price (in gold) in the price text field if desired

5. Tap the search button

Save a Search

To save a search on the AuctionAlert server so that you will get a notification when the item becomes available:

1. Fill in the text fields etc as if performing a search

2. Tap the save button

Fetch Saved Searches

To list searches you have previously saved:

1. Tap the list button

Delete a Saved Search

To delete a search you have previously saved:


1. Fill in all the fields as if searching

2. Tap the delete button


1. Fetch saved searches as described above

2. Choose the search you wish to delete

3. Tap the delete button